February 26, 2009

Foster Farm in Retrospect

Well, this is long overdo, but we wanted to share some of the most memorable take aways from our camping adventure to our friend Brent's property (referred to as "Foster Farm").

What was the best thing that happened?
Joe says: I finally got to fire off my rifle. There just aren't many (legal) opportunities in the city.
Kristi says: I didn't say anything stupid (refer back to the Lake Bob Sandlin "eye spy" joke).

What was your favorite activity?
Joe says: Other then firing off my rifle (as mentioned in the "best" question), I really enjoyed riding around the property on the ATV 4-Wheeler.
Kristi says: I really enjoyed riding the ATV for the first time. I also enjoyed the commradery with Joe, Brent, Lyn, and myself around the campfire after dinner. I also loved the big campfires. Brent and Joe built some HUGE fires (not quite bonfire quality, but almost)

What was the funniest thing that happened?
Joe says: I am a little embarrased to admit this, but I was kind of chicken about going late night exploring through the trails. What can I say? The coyotes were a little detering.
Kristi says: I am so glad that Joe 'fessed up to backing out of the late night hike, because if he hadn't, I was going to put him on blast. Here is the scenario: We got far enough away from the camp site to where we could barely see the camp fire anymore, and Joe insisted that we turn back around. In retrospect, it was probably the right move seeing that Brent later admitted the trails had changed since the last time he was out there. Drunken inspired hikes at midnight can wait until the next time...

What is your favorite memory?
Joe says: Saturday night we made beef fajitas for dinner with all of the fixin's. I can not get them out of my mind. Fajitas will definately be in the regular camping cuisine rotation.
Kristi says: It was one of those nights when the moon shines so full and bright that it lights up the entire clearing. We were looking up a the stars and Joe fixated on a rather unique tree. This specific tree was entirely bare with the exception of one "poof" of leaves on the higher limbs. It was such a unique quality that the tree was dubbed (and will forever more be known as) the Dr. Suess tree.

What was the worst thing that happened?
Joe says: Manual labor... Brent, Lyn (Brent's father), and I moved about 3 dozen large cuts of tree into the shed. It was exhausting.
Kristi says: Joe chastized me for letting the dogs play and swim in the pond.

What is a must do if you return?
Joe says: fish in the pond, explore more of the property, shoot my gun off again
Kristi says: I definately want to return so that we can explore more and check other camp site locations. I want to go on the ATV again.