Camper Joe

Name:     Joe Alan Cochran II
Prefers:   Buddha
aka:        Camper Joe

Born:      September 29, 1976
Sign:      Libra
Home:    Garland, TX

Favorite camping destination -- Cedar Hill State Park (Joe Pool Lake)
Favorite time of year to camp -- Winter
Favorite camp meal -- Breakfast on the griddle over a campfire: bacon, eggs, pancakes
Favorite camp snack -- beer and nuts; oatmeal cream pies
I would never go camping without ... water and tent
Must have camping apparel -- skull cap (in the winter)

Favorite camping activities -- hiking, fishing, unplugging

Joe's Bio

Joe Alan Cochran II was born September 29, 1976. Joe was born of Joe Alan Cochran (of Odessa, TX) and Sandra Kay Cochran (of Marshall, TX).  He describes his Mom as "the greatest in the world", a description that can also be applied to her famous carrot cake. He has a little sister, Camille LeKay Cochran Evans, who he used to pick on constantly in childhood.

Growing up, Joe was into everything from skateboarding to video games, and was pretty good at everything that interested him. Joe grew tired of school because he thought he knew what he needed.  Thus he quit school and got his GED in 1995.  From that point on it was working, in some form or another.

He met his future wife, Kristi, in 1998. Shortly there after, they lived together in Austin, TX and enjoyed taking in the laid back "park scene". Joe and his dog, Shalamar, often took excursions went to park/wildlife locations and events such as Eor's birthday, Bob Marley Fest, Twin Falls, Barton Springs, and Campbell's hole. These activities, plus spending alot of his childhood on the farm in Marshall, planted the seed for the love of outdoors in Joe, but that seed didn't bear real fruit until several years later after moving back to Dallas.

Joe and Kristi had an apt in the North Dallas area in 2000 where Joe became acquainted with an fellow apartment complex resident, Geoff, while walking his dog. Joe and Geoff quickly became acquanited over there passion for skateboarding.  They friendship grew from there and has been strong ever since. Eventually Geoff and his wife-to-be, Staci, were regular campers and invited Joe and Kristi out an one of their camping adventures. Since that weekend, Joe and Kristi, along with other friends have been happy campers.

Joe is a passionate follower of survival shows, such as "Survivor Man" and "Beyond Survival"  with Les Stroud, "Man vs. Wild" wilth Bear Grylls, "Man, Woman, Wild" with Myke and Ruth Hawke, and "Dual Survival" with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury.  In addition, he enjoys nature and wildlife programming on Natural Geogaphic and Discovery.  He desires to leverage this knowledge in his future camping adventures as he further unplugs and gets back to nature.