February 27, 2011

The Camping Trip That Never Was

This blog is dedicated to Brent Foster.

Every fall, the city of Meridian, Texas hosts the National Championship Barbecue Cookoff.  This is an invitation only event for barbecue teams who have won or placed in a recognized barbecue event during the year.  My brother, Mike, introduced us to this wonderfully delicious event several years ago.

Needless to say, this is a must attend for any barbecue connoisseur or aspiring pit master. Since Joe is both a connoissuer and aspiring pit master, this is an event that we try to make every year.  Our friend and camping compadre, Brent, is equally enthusiastic about the 'cue.  So, this year we intended to bring Brent and his lady friend, Aime, along on this adventure.

It just so happens that there is also a state park in Meridian.  So, it is only natural for us to blend two of our favorite hobbies -- camping and 'cue.

Joe was making the arrangements. The plan was to depart Saturday, check into our campsite at the State Park, and attend the cookoff on Sunday.  As we were planning our departure early Saturday afternoon, Joe came to the disappointing realization that the Cookoff was on Saturday not Sunday.  We had missed the event.  Bummer!!  (Maybe this was a blessing in disguise as it was raining all day)

Brent was none to happy when we delivered the bad news.  He already had all of his gear ready and sitting in his living room to be packed in his car.  In exchange for his disappointment, his only request was to capture in the camping blog the "Trip that never was".

Oh well ... There is always next year.

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